Standing out in a crowded market

Standing out in a crowded market

In the current digital age it’s easier than ever to start your own business. We’re no longer restricted by factors such as needing an initial investor to support the purchase of a premises or expensive print advertisements.

April 20, 2016         Read 3539 times

There are now thousands of successful and thriving businesses that are run from the comfort of peoples’ spare rooms (and this is where KVA Digital once started!)

However there are also negatives to this as it’s becoming harder than ever to make your business stand out from the rest. We’ve put together our 5 top tips to help your business gain valuable visibility in a crowded market.

1. Have a strong message

Companies that fade into the background are usually the ones that don’t have a strong message that they believe in.

You need to decide on clear messaging and use it to communicate and engage with your audience. As we all lead busier lives, naturally we have less time to capture a customer’s attention so having a voice that is reflective of your company values is vital at maximising brand awareness.

At KVA Digital, we offer Messaging Workshops which are typically 2-3 hours and involve working through a structured set of slides to really home in on what is important for your company to communicate and the best ways in which to do this. From here, we put together your Messaging Bible, which is something to share directly with every employee and communicate indirectly with your target audience. It should sum up who you are, what you want to achieve and the fundamental values you strive to stick to on the journey. To find out more about our strategic comms services, click here.

2. Consistency is key

Once your business has strong messaging established and a solid brand identity to build from, it’s important to choose the right social channels that will reach your target audience most effectively.

The biggest mistake is to try and spread yourself too thin and try to have a presence on every single social platform. It’s far better to manage 1 or 2 channels and keep content flowing. You’re guaranteed a higher return on investment if you focus on the 2 or 3 channels with the highest conversion rate for your industry and demographic.

Most importantly, think about how you can allocate resources internally to keep your channels up-to-date and whether you’d prefer to free up your time and let a digital agency handle daily posts. Either way, ensure you interact with your audience daily, conveying your messaging through rich and engaging content including video and interactive media.

3. Build a premier league team

You can’t win the whole league on your own. You need a strong team around you all working together with the same belief and vision. It’s not easy, but once everyone is on the same page and all departments are heading in the same direction, you can conquer the world! It’s important your team buys into the company messaging bible so that a consistent tone of voice is communicated in all your channels, both on and offline. When your team believe in your values just as much as you do, you’ll have developed solid brand ambassadors.

A premier league team is never complete without supporting partners and clients/customers. Mutually beneficial relationships are at the core of a good business partnership. They open continuous doors to growth and future opportunities. Put the research into networking with other like-minded individuals at organised events and use channels such as LinkedIn to connect with people immediately after you’ve met them and whilst you’re fresh in their mind.

4. Don’t get left behind

If you haven’t yet embraced digital – do it now!

Companies of all sizes including industry giants such as Blockbusters have made the mistake of thinking that they don’t belong online. But statistics show otherwise. Online sales in the UK rose by 16.2% in 2014 and are predicted to reach yearly takings of £62.7bn by 2020. With the consumer market becoming ever more demanding, there’s never been a better time to showcase your products and services online. This is where a large percentage of your audience is likely to be and they expect services to be accessible them 24/7. Surprisingly, even Amazon have announced their plans to start selling fruit and vegetables online – perfect for the busy millennial.

5. Be aware of the competition

If you’re not aware of the competitions actions, how are you going to ensure you stay one step ahead?

Take notice of their approach and strategies and then think about how you can do it differently and even better!