The future of Social Media: Smart Content

The future of Social Media: Smart Content

When Facebook first started, content on the site was limited to basic personal information and a very basic version of the newsfeed we see today.

October 13, 2017         Read 3328 times


13 years later and Facebook has launched ‘Watch’, a new viewing platform for original video content.

Video appears to fill up a huge proportion of our social feeds, and the rest consists of a mix of static and animated content to truly engage and interact with users. The many different types of content on social media range from shared articles to group discussions and sponsored advertisements.

As Bill Gates wisely once said, “Content is King”. Here at KVA we use a wide range of content on our social feeds. We’ve collated these with a few examples and thoughts on each.


Blogs are an amazing way to teach your audience new skills or share your industry knowledge with a wider audience. Correctly tagging posts sharing your blog is the best way to tap into the specific market that will be interested in the topic.

The KVA team write copy on a wide range of topics from managing stress at work to learning to code. These blogs are a great way to demonstrate our industry leadership to clients and discuss important developments in the digital world.


Our blog posts are shared across all our social platforms: Facebook; Twitter; Instagram and LinkedIn to maximise our reach.



Sharing photos and videos is a great way to showcase our talents and create a consistent and branded presence across our social channels. Especially for brands marketing food products or clothing, having a visual cue for potential customers is a great way to grab attention.

At KVA we strengthen our brand using our pantone pink and share photos we take in the office. This is especially important on Instagram, a highly visual social platform. As a creative agency, having this element to our social strategy is close to our hearts, and our creative team just love to show off their latest work. We are a really close-knit team and sharing photos of our day to day achievements or our weekly team wagga mamas is a great part of our day.


Infographics are visually striking and gain attention from users scrolling through their feeds. We also love to share a bit of KVA news, such as our MD’s surprise birthday balloons!

User Generated Content

User generated content can’t be forced, but when a consumer gets directly involved with a brand, the resulting interest and engagement can be fantastic. Anything from client testimonials to a shared post is a great way of directly talking to your customers and creating increased lines of communication and brand loyalty.

Earlier this year we created our ‘Super Star Client’ competition which required clients to tweet us a graphic summarising what makes us great. (Nothing like a little bit of self-gratification!)


We had some great entries, including being compared to a crazy team of special forces workers:


To encourage this brand interaction, we offered the competition winner to join us on the KVA summer party to Centre Parcs – definitely not to be missed!

Sharing Industry Related News

Sharing industry related news is an integral part of our social media strategy. Posting content that is interesting and relevant to your following will keep you at the front of their minds

As an agency, we must demonstrate our industry knowledge and ability to be at the fore-front of new technology and digital breakthroughs. Sharing this sort of content allows us to establish ourselves as thought leaders within our industry.

We all love following new trends and keeping up with the latest news such as the release of the new Apple X:


We also like to share issues in the digital word that are close to our hearts:


And naturally we feature a fluffy animal where we can:



Everyone loves to be inspired, and as a start-up we especially like a good bit of Monday Motivation. Inspirational posts gain lots of attention on social media, and with thousands of accounts dedicated to spreading the love, it’s easy to see the popularity of a good motivational quote.

Branded content such as ‘Put on your positive pants’ is motivational to consumers whilst successfully translating our brand values into a visual format.

At KVA we are such a happy and positive thinking team and that’s how we want users to feel when they see a post by us.


Company Updates

Perhaps our favourite thing to do on our social platforms is to draw users into our brand through offering an insight into life at KVA. Whether it’s sharing a picture of our team or celebrating our recent award win, we love to shout about everything we do here.



So, what is Smart Content?

Sharing content is only the start of the process, as to really gain success online, by using social listening exercises and all the data available, you can begin to truly understand your audience and produce the smart content they need.

Catering to your audiences needs and interests is key to engaging users and gaining a wide and loyal following. By constantly adapting and updating content to suit your audience’s needs, you are sure to be on to a winner.

Want to captivate your target audience and keep them coming back for more?

We can create bespoke written or visual content for your online channels including editorial content for your website or blog, beautiful infographics that communicate complex data or ideas simply and tweetgraphics that stand out.