Roll up roll up: KVA are #ComingToTown

Roll up roll up: KVA are #ComingToTown

You may have seen our additional team member making an impact at KVA over the last week or two – yes, our popcorn machine is aiding efficiency, providing stress relief, and helping us to all break any healthy new year’s resolutions!

January 30, 2017         Read 3353 times

We’ve really been getting into the circus spirit here in preparation for our appearance at a big event coming up in March – Dan’s even learnt to Hula Hoop*!

KVA are #ComingToTown and we’ll be appearing at Marketing Week Live this March!

We’re super excited to let you all know about this event; we’d love to see as many of you there to support us so we’ve snuck a link to buy tickets in below:

And…just so you know, there will be popcorn on tap for all attendees!


So what is #ComingToTown all about?

This March, we are coming to town to showcase our talented team in London!

  • Whilst we’re based out in a rural location surrounded by sheep (not elephants!) we come to London for clients and are not restricted by our location
  • We are not a one trick pony - we put our clients first and provide a bespoke solution for each client.
  • We juggle lots of talent and skill to give the best service possible
  • We don’t clown around; we deliver high quality solutions for the best possible price
  • We give clear, no-nonsense quotes that tell you exactly what your budget can achieve
  • We will propose and deliver what you need, rather than always pushing the ‘Bells & Whistles’ option

So watch out kids, KVA are #ComingToTown!

2 Months ‘til the Big Show…..

We are all so excited for our event, keep an eye out on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for jokes, articles and funny videos to entertain you at work, and don’t forget to grab a ticket!

*Well, we wish Dan was learning to Hula-Hoop…a bit more persuasion is needed but we’ll keep you updated!