Recycling at KVA

Recycling at KVA

In the last six months we have implemented multiple recycling initiatives which everyone is really passionate about.

August 15, 2019         Read 1467 times

At KVA we are all keen to keep our environmental foot print down and recycle as much as we can. As a business we believe it is important to be aware of our impact on the environment and how we can limit this – coming together as a business we can make a bigger impact!

In the last six months we have implemented multiple recycling initiatives which everyone is really passionate about.

We are lucky that our landlord is also fully onboard, and he is on a mission to make our business park, situated on his farmland, as eco-friendly as possible and to use as little plastic as possible which fully aligns to our vision!


We now use local, fresh glass-bottled milk, delivered by our friendly local milkman Alan, who also champions plastic-free living and does not supply any plastic products. So goodbye to 4 litre plastic bottles of milk from the supermarket, hello recyclable, reusable glass bottles!

We also love using local businesses, so our new milkman kills two birds with one stone! You can search for your local milkman or milkwoman here:


Another of our recycling initiatives is the TerraCycle crisp recycling scheme in partnership with Walkers. The scheme is the biggest of its kind in the UK and has collected over 8 million crisp packets to date.

When we have collected 5kg of crisp packets, these are sent to the TerraCycle UK team, and are translated into TerraCycle points, which is turn translate into a donation to our nominated charity. You might think that 5kg of crisp packets is a lot to collect, but with all our families and friends also collecting, it soon adds up! We also love that the 5kg weight is calculated to reduce the impact of the scheme’s carbon footprint.

If you’d like to join the scheme you can read more here:

Bottle tops

Our latest recycling initiative is collecting plastic bottle tops. It’s not very well known that bottle tops are actually made from hard to recycle plastic, and are in the top five contributors to plastic pollution. The heavy-duty plastic that bottle tops are made from take many years to breakdown. So how you can recycle these bottle tops?

LUSH, the amazing handmade cosmetics shop that you can smell before you see it, provides an in-store recycling scheme for plastic bottle tops for bottle caps from plastic milk cartons, soft drinks, sports cap drinks, fabric softener caps, the list goes on! Simply take your bottle top collection into any LUSH store and they will send them onto their Green Hub in Poole, where they’ll be broken down into pellets for Storm Board to use.

Storm Board are a company in Somerset that build boards from these plastic pellets. These boards are used for an array for things, including wall cladding, chairs and benches, including LUSH’s instore units! They have also been used to make a play area in a refugee camp in France.

Read more about LUSH’s recycling commitment here:

Read more about the uses for Storm Boards here:

We’re always on the lookout for ways to be more green, so we’d love to know what recycling initiatives you have adopted at home and in the workplace! Get in touch with your recommendations