KVA Christmas Party 2017

KVA Christmas Party 2017

This month the team were told to bring a full tank of petrol for a surprise weekend away...little did we know we would end up driving 3 hours north to our Christmas party!

December 7, 2017         Read 3183 times

We absolutely love Christmas here at KVA, and were treated to celebrate in style in an eleven-bedroom party house.

A large part of our ethos at KVA is giving back, especially to hard working staff and loyal clients.

We’re big fans of Richard Branson’s approach with his workforce, who says:

“Your employees are your company’s real competitive advantage. They’re the ones making the magic happen – so long as their needs are met.”

Our MD Kelly has always strived to go above and beyond meeting our needs, and envisions KVA as an extension of her family. This family culture here at KVA is so important to each of us for different reasons. It ensures we look out for each other, feel empowered and motivated and encourages open and honest communication at work.

Being able to have a laugh with your colleagues is just as important as meeting deadlines, especially when working the occasional 1,000,000-hour week.

Our Christmas parties are a great time for us to spend some quality time with each other that we don’t usually have the chance to. This is so important for an agency as we are able to understand each other on a deeper level. We know each other’s strengths, weaknesses, motivations and enthusiasms inside out, and this is mirrored in the workplace, leading to a smooth internal process and happy workers.

Richard Branson is right. With a driven and inspired team, magic really does happen here at KVA.

We all love coming to work, and we love spending two nights at Christmas Mansions even more! Here are some of the best pictures from our weekend away.

Here’s a tour of the main house and the beautiful view outside:

No-one was up to cooking so we hired a professional chef for a three-course meal:

Our party night involved lots of pool, Jenga, beer pong, table tennis and, of course, NO Gin. No gin whatsoever. Here's a little video from the night:

After a lovely night and with very full tummies, we woke up for a day at the beach:

After a loooong nap in our cinema room (yes, the house had a cinema room!), Dan couldn’t resist a quick coding session on the big screen:

Thank you to Kelly for such an amazing weekend away, all the food and snacks and to our lovely, lovely team for making it such a wonderful party :-)