KVA celebrate Christmas at Harry Potter studios

KVA celebrate Christmas at Harry Potter studios

Last month, we celebrated our annual office Christmas party amongst the inspiring backdrop of Hogwarts.

December 8, 2016         Read 3272 times

Going behind the scenes at Harry Potter has been a burning ambition of a couple of team members which were realised as we celebrated the night away. It was a magical night of broomstick flying, butter-beer drinking and above all, thanking our wonderful team. Here are some of the pictures from the night...

We started off with a three course Christmas Dinner in the Great Hall! Here's our lovely KVA team all together :)

The Great Hall doors look amazing - Our very own Harriet was lucky enough to open the doors for everyone!

Every guest was named as a Potter character and given individual wands - Wingardium Leviosa!

Then we had the chance to view original sets and costumes from the 8-film series - here are a few of the professors:

Our lovely KVA girls and guys looking gorgeous:

Robes are the height of wizard fashion!

Here's Dan living his childhood dream:

Kelly learnt to fly a broomstick!

Dan and Harriet looking cool on Hagrid's bike

And of course we all had a sip of good old Butter Beer - moustaches were unavoidable...

Here's Creative Director Rob at 8ft tall. His galleons and knuts were pretty uncomfortable after this...

And finally....our team photo underneath the famous flying Ford Anglia

Our team were joined by Kim and Andy from Black Jack Promotions as a thank you for being such superstars to work with. We are so looking forward to our project together this year!

Thank you so much to Warner Bros studios for putting on such a wonderful party, and a special thank you to Kelly and Rob for putting so much thought into organising our trip.