The future of web

The future of web

With clients determined to have websites which stand out, and developers constantly challenging and pushing boundaries, where is the future of web design and development going to end up?

July 8, 2014         Read 4084 times

The 90's saw mainstream private internet connections being created and early on, a website was something you visited as opposed to created. Over the past 10 years, we've seen designers and developers galore creating websites for every type of business imaginable. But where do we go from here? We can turn old school image sliders into full bleed images and the conventional navigation morphing into a scrolling parallax user heaven, but how far can we really go?

Thinking creatively and without restriction, we'd like to see a new dimension come alive. Something that takes video to the next level and gives depth and another dimension to the otherwise flat website. A kind of augmented reality meets 4D user experience. Picture an iMac capable of delivering a multi-sensory experience for the user - a travel company website being able to engulf the user with the smell of exotic flowers, transporting them into a new sensory journey.

But why stop there? Creatively, the sky's the limit with what hardwear could enable us to experience and seeing as we spend on average 32 hours a month online, what could be better to enhance that experience. Bring it to life. Make it fun. Have it cook the dinner while we're at it!

Thinking about the internet as a structure, the next 10 years will see the web being simplified in terms of how we search for content. Knowing how powerful Google are and how we use them for answers to most things in life these days, are Google going to be the go-to for every website? Rather than a Google search sending users all over the internet in search of content, sites would sit under one platform to combine social media and networking with efficient searching power and time saving from crawling multiple sites.

Only time will tell but it's exciting to be part of the internet journey - one that will never reach a final destination.