The most wonderful time of most of the year

The most wonderful time of most of the year

It’s an annual gripe. Every year, Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier for brands.

December 14, 2016         Read 2129 times

No sooner have the Halloween costumes been put away and the fireworks been ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ at, the halls are suddenly decked and everyone in the ad-breaks are munching on mince pies or labouring over a trampoline on Christmas Eve.

This year is no different. However, several brands are confident enough to play with this advert fatigue. Companies like Tesco and Bell’s Whisky have shown self-awareness that they’re early to the party.

This strategy has its risks, but it also enables them to bring themselves down to the consumer’s level and connect with them. When you recognise a customer’s thought processes and suggest how to use that process to interact with your brand, they’re much more likely to engage with you and start purchasing. Especially when you model your campaign so as to get in before anyone else to create awareness.

That’s exactly what Tesco are doing with their ‘Bring it on’ campaign. Campaign headline Ruth Jones recognises that it’s probably far too early for all the seasonal pomp, but also understands that there’s a lot to think about to get ready for the holidays. It’s a pretty extensive list: food, drink, tree, decorations, presents for everyone under the sun.

Christmas preparation is a long process. It’s done across several weeks and in a range of different stores. Therefore, it’s logical to get people to identify their brand as a key Christmas stop as early as possible before the late November rush. By talking about gifts and food in their advert, they build associations in the customers mind between those products and Tesco in a Christmas setting.

However, as prompt as the adverts have been this year, first prize still goes to Oasis, whose entry goes back all the way to July. Refreshing Stuff indeed.

Written by Andrew Thomson