10 Minutes with our MD, Kelly Allison

10 Minutes with our MD, Kelly Allison

We had an afternoon spare and a few burning questions, so we thought it'd be a nice idea to sit down with Kelly Allison, our lovely Managing Director, to chat about how KVA is doing and what's to be expected in the future.

July 21, 2017         Read 4376 times

So Kelly, how does it feel to have won Bucks Small Business of the Year?

It feels amazing! It’s been years of hard work, not just from myself, but from the whole team, and winning this award has been great to have that hard work recognised. It’s definitely been the highlight of my career so far.

What do you think gave KVA the edge?

In the words of the judge, ‘we’re looking at one of the most dynamic, driven and business-savvy companies that we’ve ever seen.’ I think that sums us up pretty well but our industry USP is that we offer a creative approach to using technology to take brands to that next level. We are all so passionate about the industry and the projects we deliver and we love exciting our clients with our creativity.

What have been the biggest challenges and learning curves for you whilst running KVA?

Recruitment has been a challenge but we’ve been fortunate to have grown an amazingly talented team. The perks we offer and the relaxed environment mean that we have a lot to offer new recruits. Building our clients’ trust is an area that we’ve invested time in. Many agencies use a client’s lack of knowledge to their advantage and this presents a challenge in our sector as clients are generally mistrusting of the digital platform if they don’t understand it. This is something we work hard on in order to build relationships with open lines of communication.

And what are the challenges going forward?

The digital boom means that more agencies are starting up and we are often asked to discount prices in relation to a competitor’s quote. This is something we have to stand firm on as there will always be another agency that can undercut us who may not be offering the same standard of service.

What achievement are you most proud of?

Without a doubt it would be winning the award, but also having created from scratch (and without any investment) a team of people who really care about what we do here and who are kind and ambitious (the very best combination in my opinion!) It’s not just a working environment, we genuinely all enjoy each other’s company and this really comes across in client pitches and when we work creatively on briefs and pull together to make the impossible possible!

What are your ambitions for the future for KVA?

Our primary goal is focused on growth but secondary to that, and the foundation that will help us to achieve that growth, is to find local talent, building a team of skilled specialists in their field producing work that both ourselves and our clients are proud of. Now we have a solid portfolio under our belt and stacks of ideas for companies to utilise digital technology into their offering, we’re reaching out to the top brands to help them better engage their customers and to offer something different.

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