Introducing our unique VR environment, helping you bring virtual healthcare experiences to life

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A brave new world in healthcare

KVA's MEDIVERSE is a bespoke environment that harnesses the immersive power of virtual reality and offers a limitless world of imaginative solutions for Healthcare Professionals and patients.
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The MEDIVERSE has been created by KVA to help you tap into the possibilities of the Metaverse, today. The Metaverse represents an exciting opportunity within healthcare to reach, connect and engage with your customers in a way that has never before been possible.

Here are just a few examples of what the KVA MEDIVERSE can help you achieve.

Customisable event spaces for HCP education and internal training

Create virtual meeting spaces that inspire your audience and engage them at a deeper level than the regular video conferencing tools we have all become accustomed to. Whether it’s a webinar, workshop, advisory board or training event, holding your event in a bespoke virtual environment will ensure it is talked about and remembered.

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Educational tools for HCPs at congress and events

Create an environment where HCPs can engage with content in a more memorable way, through virtual reality. Educational content can be guided or self-led, with added gamification to increase information retention and enhance the learning experience. VR educational tools can be used to set you apart on congress exhibition stands, at in-person events, virtual events and field force meetings.

On demand content

Create engaging on demand VR experiences such as data animations, interactive mode of action videos and patient case studies. Content can be personalised to individual customer needs as part of your omnichannel approach, or produced for a broader multi-stakeholder audience. Built-in analytics track engagement to ensure that you can monitor what is resonating with your customers.

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Patient support and education

VR provides an opportunity for patients to interact with patient support materials, treatment education or healthcare tools in a new way that adds significant value. Healthcare environments like clinics can be recreated in a virtual environment, providing mental and physical health support services such as smoking cessation, addiction and weight loss.

Virtual procedure demonstrations

Virtual journeys inside the body are a powerful way of showing procedures such as virtual colonoscopies, virtual catheters or virtual angiograms. 360 degree immersive technology allows users to fully explore their environments and see how the body reacts to different stimulations, providing a memorable teaching technique.

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Device demonstrations

Rather than showing a static video of what a device can do, why not bring it to life through VR? We can recreate the experience of any device, enabling learners to use it as if it was really there, using controllers or hand gestures.

R&D demonstrations

Take your customers and teams on a virtual tour showing your research & development processes in a fully immersive experience that shows your contribution to the industry in a unique way.

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Bespoke healthcare environments

Using KVA’s MEDIVERSE platform, we can bring any healthcare environment to life, whether that’s a HCP in a consultation room, medical equipment in a scanning room, surgery or ward. The environments can be used to train staff or prepare patients for experiences ahead of time so that they feel comfortable and know what to expect when they get to a healthcare setting.

strategic insights

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Using data and analytics enables you to identify how an experience can be tailored to each individual.

Data and analytics from the KVA MEDIVERSE will enable you to test how an experience is resonating with customers, learn what’s working and what needs improvement, and make changes to increase customer engagement. MEDIVERSE is built with a test & learn approach in mind, making it easy for you to gather insights and tailor experiences to ensure the best return on investment.

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