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By working collaboratively with our senior team in exercises from branding to culture development, taking part in our workshops can help your team overcome barriers to success - whatever they may be.

Agile Design Sprint Workshop

Duration: 5 days

Our shortcut to a final product: designed, created and tested in five days

Design Sprints are created to navigate you through a tailor-made journey in order to transform your business need into a viable solution over a five-day period. Key stakeholders will work collaboratively with end users to streamline the prototype phase, in turn accelerating your time to project delivery.

1. Why Sprint?

Close the gap between creativity and commercial thinking:

Design Sprints are our go-to shortcut to getting your product market-ready. Whilst the process is condensed, our expertise ensures no corners are cut, creating a genuinely polished, ahead-of-the-curve solution.

Keep lean with product ideation and development:

Sprints run over a five-day period, from concept to tested prototype. Teams are aligned as they collate and develop ideas which focus on the final vision, finishing with real-time feedback from end users and live client testimonials prior to launch.

Maximise productivity and creativity:

We know that time is limited in the ever-expanding digital world. Getting the team immersed in a deep-dive session rather than dipping in and out boosts productivity and creative thinking to ensure you get to market efficiently and effectively.

Test, learn and go to market with confidence:

It’s imperative that solutions are released to market with the data-backed knowledge that success will follow. By condensing the vital but lengthy process of market research - which can take months - you can test, fail, learn and adapt in our workshops to ensure your product is truly market-ready.

2. So, how does it work?

3. Sprint to the finish

Your team has come to the table with a big problem and worked hard to test a working solution in just one week.
The inclusive nature of the Design Sprint brings the whole team on board and ramps up excitement for the execution of the chosen solution.
Following completion of the Design Sprint, your team can implement a data-driven solution to improve the prototype before launch.
Design Sprints also give your team confidence to launch the new solution as brand ambassadors, with a reduced risk of failure and complete trust in the finished solution.

Adventure awaits

Got a problem that can be solved by a Design Sprint? Drop us a note and we can work together to define a game plan.

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